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The Course

Sales Course

The InIT Learning sales training workshops are NOT your normal “vanilla” flavoured “one strategy fits all” sales training courses. In fact, they are not even courses. They are interactive workshops designed around the specifics of YOUR company and YOUR sales professionals.

Just as your prospects and customers have “buying pain”, your sales team has very specific “selling pain”! These workshops are designed to pinpoint your customers buying pain by analysing your own teams selling pain through a no-nonsense common sense framework to coach your sellers to success.

The selling world has changed. Prospects have finally armed their buyers with the tools to counter-attack any sales approach. Modern methods of communication, social media, immediate internet research and counter-active training have armed the buyers with all they need to limit, or even prevent, any sales approach.

As sellers, we need to re-think our approach in a modern buyer-centric world. We need to be efficient in our prospecting and qualification, we need to be effective and professional in our approach and clinical in our execution and closing.

Who is the course for?

The InIT Sales Training Workshops are designed for direct sellers and their managers. It will be scaled and tailored for application to your specific industry and selling situation – from short transactions to extended complex opportunities. If your team are selling a product, a service or a solution, either B2B or B2C, then we will tailor our approach to suit your environment. There are additional modules based around on-going Account Management, and indirect selling through channels if your business is dependent on selling through Resellers, VARs, Systems Integrators or Distributors.

The Courses

All courses begin ahead of time with a pre-workshop consultation with the Sales Manager to determine the specific needs and to customise certain parts of the workshop delivery.
There is a one and two day tutor-led course. They do not only cover the sales process but also the professional sales delivery and presentation techniques.
This is a practical framework methodology where your sales people can utilise the techniques and tools that they feel will best help them in their day-to-day work as sellers to help them achieve quota.

Certificates and Tools

Delegates will receive a certificate of attendance and a manual that includes all of the tools to continue to practice the InIT Sales Process Framework methodology.

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